Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hocus Pocus heads east...

Apologies to regular readers of this blog for the long interlude between posts. I thought it was about time I shared some exciting developments in the world of Hocus Pocus Diplodocus. First up is the news that the rights for the book have been sold to Korea.

That means there is now a Korean language version of Hocus Pocus Diplodocus available for little dinosaur fans in Korea. I was sent two copies of the Koren edition, which is published by Awesome World. It looks, well... awesome.

It's a substantial hardback book. Here's the front cover:

I love the Korean word for Diplodocus:

(I've tried, but I'm unable to rotate this image - sorry!)

It's an interesting book format. The first half is the full Korean language version of the story:

... and the second half is the English language translation. 

I assume this is to help the multilingual children of Korea learn English.

It's very exciting to think that children on the other side of the world are enjoying my story.

Next up, news of a new 'Early Reader' version of Hocus Pocus Diplodocus - due out in August 2015. Watch this space...

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