Tuesday, 24 September 2013

In the beginning...

After more than three years of sending my children’s picture book manuscript to agents and publishers, I finally got the call I thought would never come.

It came from Steve Bicknell, Managing Director of Maverick Books. He told me they’d picked out my story for publication and wanted to meet me. The rest of that conversation is a blur in my memory. 

After incoherently relaying the news to my wife and anyone else who would listen, I spent the next few hours anxiously waiting for the promised email to arrive. Until I had that tangible evidence, I felt it could have been a hallucination.

Fortunately, the email came, and we arranged to meet a few weeks later.

To keep my feet on the ground, I had to tell myself that I was probably one of several authors that the publisher had chosen to meet, from which they would choose just one or two to publish.

Finally, after an interminably long four weeks, the meeting date came around and I travelled to Sussex to meet the Maverick team. They explained how they worked and why they had picked out my story from their latest batch of 600 or so manuscripts. They really liked the title, Hocus Pocus Diplodocus, thought the story was original and funny, and felt it complemented their other titles.

I asked a few questions. They asked a few questions. I went away very happy and excited.

The next day, I received a draft publishing contract for Hocus Pocus Diplodocus – and my adventure as a children’s book author had begun.

After so much waiting, it all seemed to happen very quickly.

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